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women black netting hat

women black netting hat

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The hat featured in the images is a traditional fascinator-style headpiece.

The fascinator is made of black material, possibly felt or a similar fabric, which is a common choice for such headpieces due to its firm yet pliable nature.

It has a circular base that sits flat against the head, and it is adorned with a black veil or netting that adds an element of vintage elegance. The veil can be draped over the face or styled to add volume and texture.

On the top of the base, there are embellishments that appear to be small black decorative accents, which could be made of fabric or other materials. These details are often used to give a sense of luxury and to draw attention.

The underside of the fascinator likely has a hair comb or clips to attach it securely to the wearer's hair.

The fascinator is worn tilted to one side of the head, which is typical for this kind of headwear, giving a sophisticated and chic look.

There is a tag attached, possibly indicating the brand, style, or price of the headpiece. The handwriting on the tag is not entirely clear, but it seems to include a price and possibly an identification number or description.

Fascinators like this one are commonly worn at formal events, such as weddings, tea parties, or horse racing events. They are a popular choice in places with a tradition of formal headwear, like the United Kingdom, especially for events that have a dress code requiring hats or similar accessories.

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