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1950s women white pique hat with net tir

1950s women white pique hat with net tir

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The hat is a vintage pique hat, which is a small, brimless, and flat-crowned hat. This particular pique hat is crafted in an elegant off-white or cream color, and it features a textured fabric that appears to be grosgrain or a similar ribbed material.

The hat is adorned with a netted veil that adds a touch of sophistication and mystique, typical of 1950s fashion. The veil likely drapes down to partially cover the face when worn. The hat also showcases a decorative band that encircles it, possibly made of the same material as the hat itself, which is a common design element in traditional pique hats.

This style of hat was famously worn by fashion icons like Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and remains a symbol of classic femininity and grace. The hat sits atop the head, as displayed on the mannequin, and is commonly secured with hat pins. It is a timeless piece that would suit formal occasions, such as weddings, church services, or other dressy events.

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