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1950s women feather fur netting pink pill box hat with rhinestone

1950s women feather fur netting pink pill box hat with rhinestone

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The hat appears to be a vintage-style pillbox hat. This type of hat is characterized by its flat crown, straight, upright sides, and absence of a brim. 

The hat is a soft pink color, which gives it a delicate and feminine look. The outer material has a textured appearance, which could be a type of fabric with a crisscross pattern, giving it a slight sheen.

The hat has a classic pillbox shape – it is round, with a flat top and vertical sides. The height of the sides is modest, which is typical for pillbox hats, allowing them to sit atop the head without extending too far.

The interior of the hat shows that it is lined with a fabric that matches the exterior in color. There is an inner band that likely helps the hat maintain its shape and provides a snug fit on the wearer's head.

On the mannequin, the hat is worn tilted slightly to one side, which is a common way to wear pillbox hats, adding an element of chic styling.

Pillbox hats became popular in the early to 1950s and saw a resurgence thanks to public figures like Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. They are often associated with a timeless elegance and can be a distinctive accessory for formal occasions.

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