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A Walk Thru Time Vintage

1920s women crochet straw hat with flower

1920s women crochet straw hat with flower

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This hat is a charming and feminine accessory that combines a vintage feel with a floral motif. It is a fascinator-style hat, which is a small, decorative headpiece commonly attached to a band or clip. This particular hat features a tan or beige woven base, possibly made of straw, giving it a textured and organic look.

The hat is adorned with a cluster of flowers on one side, which appear to be fabric roses in a dusty rose color. These are complemented by smaller, pale green floral accents and sprigs, adding to its delicate and romantic aesthetic. A piece of lace trim, also in a light color, sweeps across the base of the hat, lending it an additional touch of vintage elegance.

This type of hat is typically worn to the side of the head, and it is often chosen as an accessory for special occasions such as weddings, garden parties, or horse racing events. The mannequin head shows how the hat is worn tilted to one side, which is a traditional and stylish way to wear a fascinator. The overall design suggests a blend of femininity, sophistication, and a nod to bygone fashion eras.

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